Legacy Fund

The Irish Fair of Minnesota grew out of a desire by Irish Minnesotans who recognized the cultural impact of the Irish in our community and established a forum for celebrating and expressing pride in our heritage. In turn, the Irish Fair of Minnesota established the Legacy Fund.

The Legacy Fund is our means of giving back - nurturing new developments, enabling unique experience as an Irish community, fostering innovation and establishing a means to support other immigrant groups who wish to do the same for their unique culture.

Over the years, the Irish Fair has distributed nearly $50,000 to organizations. Examples include:
- Center for Irish Music Supporting a youth workshop weekend and program development.
Hmong American partnership for expansion of a cultural orientation and English language program for new Americans.
- COMPAS Irish cultural residencies in predominantly immigrant-attended elementary schools.
- Irish Music and Dance Association/Perpich Center for the Arts Cultural Trunk for Educators and Artists
- Paddy O’Brien Volume II of his internationally significant Irish tune collection.
- Somali Arts Association for a holiday concert to help galvanize the Somali arts community.
Robert Emmets Twin Cities Hurling Club Equipment, marketing support, and official training.
Center for *Studies “Irish Voices, Indian Voices” seminar.

Your donation allows us to continue in these efforts.. Any dollars contributed to this fund are used for that purpose and do not support our signature Irish Fair of Minnesota weekend event.